About Us

item_pages_12Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in our Copper River salmon. We are two husband and wife teams that work hard to make a living and provide our customers with a healthy, quality salmon they enjoy. Copper River salmon are sustainably and responsibly harvested by us, U.S. family fishermen. We try in every way to be responsible stewards of the resource we are so fortunate to utilize. Chris and Heather have been involved in the fishing industry for 27 years, fishing on our own since 1988 as Maxcy Fishing, Inc. Dennis and Alicia have been involved in the fishing industry since 1994 as Wild Salmon, Inc.

This experience has given us the opportunity to learn how to produce a quality product and fulfill our customers’ needs. We ship fresh, frozen, and smoked salmon throughout the United States . Chris, Heather, Dennis and Alicia have combined their efforts to become Wild By Nature, LLC. We will continue to bring you the same quality products. Your personal contacts will remain the same and individual markets will remain under each company. It is our desire to do the best job possible, and we believe this combined effort will create greater efficiency and consistent products over a longer time period. Accessible only by boat or plane, our fishery is based out of Cordova , Alaska , a small, rural community approximately 145 miles southeast of Anchorage .

alaska (1)The Copper River and the Copper River Flats are beautiful and dangerous. One of the only intact watersheds of its size in the world, this wild watershed is fed by thousands of glaciers and surrounded by miles of non industrialized valleys and mountains. We are truly blessed to be part of a sustainable fishery and a community that cares about the fish and their habitat. Commercial fishing in Alaska utilizes a sustainable natural resource. Wise use always provides first and foremost for future salmon runs. Once enough fish have migrated upstream to ensure these runs will continue indefinitely and all subsistence and sport fishing needs have been met commercial fishermen try to make a living supplying the consumer with a quality natural, wild, nutritious and delicious wild salmon. We all love Alaska, its wildness, beauty, and people. It is our hope that sharing this resource with you will bring a touch of Alaska to your family and friends.

Chris and Heather live in Bozeman, Montana in the winter and Dennis and Alicia in Cordova year round but enjoy travelling to their home state of Colorado. We are fortunate to travel to and from Alaska seasonally, allowing us an unsurpassed opportunity to bring together people and products separated by thousands of miles. Like the sandhill cranes and the shorebirds, we share two homes and love them both. We cannot imagine another lifestyle that would bring such challenges and opportunities.

Thank you.

Chris and Heather Maxcy,
Maxcy Fishing, Inc.
Dennis and Alicia Zadra,
Wild Salmon, Inc.