Fresh & Frozen Product Q & A

Frequently Answered Questions about our Wild-Caught Copper River Salmon

What is a fish “in the round”?

A fish in the round is a whole fish that has not been altered in any way. Many salmon are bled, chilled and delivered in the round to the large processors where they are cleaned and processed into other value added products.

What does “H&G” mean?

H & G stands for headed and gutted. An H & G fish has had only its viscera removed. The head may be left on if requested. This fish is bled, cleaned, washed and chilled prior to shipping.

What is a fillet?

A fillet is half of a fish, taken from the right or left side. A fillet will arrive skin on and varies in size depending on the species of the fish.
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What is a portion?

A portion is a smaller piece of salmon. Salmon can be portioned into smaller pieces of fillets or into steaks.

What is a salmon steak?

Using a dorsal view, i.e. looking at the fish from above as if it were swimming through the water, steaks are obtained by making perpendicular cuts straight through from the top of the fish to the belly. They are usually ¾ to 1 inch thick

What is a vacuum pack?

A vacuum pack is a sealed pouch that is made of clear plastic. It allows the fish to be packaged and frozen in a clean, easy to use and clean up method while maintaining its high quality. Thawed fish should not be kept in vacuum packs.

How is fresh salmon shipped?

All of our fresh salmon is shipped via air directly from Cordova to its point of destination. The fish arrive in a lined, waxed freezer box containing frozen gel packs.

Will the salmon be delivered to my door?

Salmon shipped via air using the major airlines must be picked up at the airport by the receiver. Salmon shipped via Fed-Ex or Gold Streak is deliverable to your door.

How will the salmon arrive?

H & G and filleted salmon will arrive in a lined, waxed freezer box with frozen gel packs. Fresh fish need to be refrigerated immediately and used in a timely manner. If large quantities are desired H & G fish air ship better than fillets and portions. Vacuum packed fillets and portions arrive frozen, ready to place in your freezer.

Which form is most cost effective?

H & G fish are the most cost effective per pound, however there are many variables. H & G fish must still be processed into usable portions and portions not used immediately packaged and frozen for later use. We highly recommend ordering fillets and portions vacuum packed and frozen. This ensures a high quality product that requires very little time and effort on your part. Filleting, portioning and vacuum packing take time so there is an increased monetary expense but your personal hassle, effort and time are greatly reduced.

Is fresh better than frozen?

There will always be individuals that prefer a fresh/never frozen salmon. It is exciting and fun to receive a fish that has just come from the icy, clean waters of Alaska not 24 hours earlier; however, Alaska is a long way from most other destinations. It is impossible to improve upon the quality of a fish that has been bled, cleaned and iced immediately after being caught, taken to the USDA approved plant in Cordova and flash frozen at -20F. Flash freezing preserves the fish’s flavor, texture and nutritional value in a form that is easily stored, transported and used throughout the year.

How do I prepare this salmon?

There are a variety of delicious ways to prepare salmon! Check out the “Recipes” section of our blog for great tips and ideas.